About Us


aTeamSolutionz is a digital solution company. However, we are not just like any other digital solutions companies. What makes us different and the most sought after is how we incorporate emerging technologies into our modus operandi. Our team at aTeamSolutionz comprise a “handpicked” collection of passionate and hardworking humans who believe in making the web simple. Our motto is to make trending technologies accessible to everybody.

aTeamSolutionz is definitely a one-stop solution for all your digital problems. For a site to be successful, the website has to be user-friendly, smooth and attractive. Our brilliant IT team makes sure this is the case with all our projects. We also make sure that the content on the website is updated regularly. Through our development techniques, we help users and developers connect and connecting everyone around the world is one of our priorities.

Our areas of expertise can be broadly divided into four sections: Software Provider, Digital Marketing Provider, CCTV Provider and Hardware Installation Provide aTeamSolutionz is also the best place to be if you want a customised application or project. Our team comes up with new innovative ideas and works together to execute them. Every idea is researched and tested to make sure that your application works smoothly. We have the most competent team for companies requiring software solutions. Our experience and technique transcend boundaries and now, we have a global reach. We are known among our clients for our diligence, trustworthiness and wisdom.



To be the world’s best quality oriented universal firm for custom web and mobile application development. Ensure competitive intelligence and market research for various business functions at Network Solutions.


To reach the client expectation by working to the best potential and delivering the best for the client. Thus resulting in client satisfaction which will reflect in economical statistics of the projects and which in turn raises us from the position where we started. Rising tide lifts all boats, we rise the tide for Clients.