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How aTeamSolutionz Makes a Difference in Software Development?

Everything is a software in the modern age. From the News app on your phone and the Map on your car to the sensors on the automatic lights and the internet browser on your PC. Software has entered human life like never before. While everything is a software, there is good software and bad software.

If you are looking for good software, try the review section on the App Store or the Play Store. If you are looking for good software development, try aTeamSolutionz. Yes, Skype the team or have a meeting with them and you will find why aTeamSolutionz is one of the best in the software development industry.

Here are some of the points in which A-Team of the Maldives is making a difference in software development.

More Does Not Mean Good

Some clients still believe that they can develop good quality software with a good amount of money. They believe that the more money they pour, the better quality the software ends to be. This is completely wrong. Even now, clients spend huge amounts of money to get what they are looking for and get disappointed when they witness the endproduct. It becomes a completely different product than what they dream it to be. aTeamSolutionz does not believe in this superstition and this is exactly why all services of aTeamSolutionz are fixed at economical rates. 

Prioritisation and Documentation

We believe everything must be documented and organised. We believe every task should have a priority value. These allow one to navigate through the set of deliverables and commit to them completely rather than taking time to think and choose the next path. Each and every member of our team document every code, organise every file and prioritise every task. It may take more time and may appear useless when looking at it short-term. However, it is an immense advantage in the long run. A good example is that a developer may go through his teammate’s files to send a PDF to the client. Proper documentation and organisation of files and folders will allow him to pinpoint the required PDF instead of looking at random names like ‘untitled1’ and ‘untitled2’.

Stay Fresh and Never Overwork

All developers hate what they are doing in the long run as they tend to overwork due to pressure from their duties. This ‘hate’ will also reflect in the project they work on as the developers will complete the project based on deadlines. aTeamSolutionz works differently as each and every member of the team is not encouraged to overwork. Rather, the team is encouraged to take part in activities and special events to completely avoid pressure and stress.

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