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HR Applications from aTeamSolutionz Makes a Difference


HR managers are the most important people in a company. They have many tasks and responsibilities. Most of their time is spent in meetings. Other important tasks include relations and interactions between employees, employee-employer engagement etc. aTeamSolutionz make extremely efficient HR applications that can help reduce the workload of the HR personal. Following are some of the ways their application can help with HR duties.

1. Overseeing Employees

It is very important to maintain and keep the staff in your company. Even though recruiting is also important, growing and developing the existing staff is extremely important and can prove to be cost-efficient in the long term. They are an asset as they already know how the company and its policies work. This application will help you plan the career development of your employees. The application can collect information regarding their performance, conduct training courses, track the employee’s performance on the task etc. Appraisals can also be conducted regularly. The application will store the data regarding the appraisal with respect to each task. The data will include the areas covered, points given and feedback which is received. This can make your employees work more as they know what to aim for. It also keeps them engaged with the company.

2. Monitoring Leaves and Absences         

There will be times when your employees might take leave, go for holidays, take sick leaves etc. It will be a difficult task for you to try to contact them via mail and keep track of this. This can affect your productivity and consume a lot of time. aTeamSolutionz application can efficiently track absences and leaves for you. It can automatically calculate how many leaves employees have taken, how many they are entitled to, holiday requests etc.

3. Data at a Glance

If the information is old or inadequate, it can make it difficult to make a decision. The application can collect data and then give you access whereby you can access it anywhere and at any time. All the data becomes available in a glance and it can be retrieved with merely a few clicks. You can then analyse this data to find patterns and identify problems if any. This will help you to completely eliminate paper pushing.

4. Securing Data Management

Traditionally the data concerning your employee will be stored in cabinets. However, this is not safe. These are sensitive data that have to be protected. There is no guarantee as to who has access to these. But once this data is digitalised, you can make sure that unauthorised people do not have access to such confidential information. You will also be able to see who views this data and when they have viewed it. As it is digital, it will not be affected by calamities like fire, flood etc. It will help you to be paper-free, avoid printing and wasting paper, avoid carrying documents etc. It also promotes a more ecological way of conducting business.

These are just a few of the many factors that go into the workings of aTeamSolutionz.

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