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SEO and SEM, The Key Difference in The Maldives Market

Both SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) and SEM (Search Engine Marketing) are important processes that determine the visibility of your website. However, both of these have the same purpose. SEO basically regulates your website in such a way that it gets a better ranking in search results. But SEM’s responsibility does not end there. It is much beyond that.  It has a wider scope of getting you traffic as it incorporates more tools like PPC advertising. SEO is ‘one way in’ which you can channel traffic to your website which is free from search engines. Your website has to be easily recognized by engine crawlers. Therefore, it has more chances of getting higher rankings. There are mainly three factors of SEO that is important:

  • Technical SEO
  • On-Site SEO
  • Off-Site SEO

Optimizing the website for crawling and indexing phase is the responsibility of technical SEO. This aspect of SEO makes sure that the crawling and indexing of your website happens smoothly. For more specific optimization, on-site SEO can help. They apply to individual pages, content and specific keywords.

Off-site SEO helps to make your website more authentic. It helps you to acquire backlinks or more simply, references from other websites so that search engines repose some trust in your website. It is basically a system of ranking where the more references you have the better ranking you get. References in SEO mean links from other websites that can be added to yours. It is not just important that there are many numbers of links, the place where these links are coming from is also equally important. If badly reputed sites have reference to your site, it affects the SEO of your site negatively. Therefore, it is important to have highly reputed sites and popular sites to have references to your sites to get the best off-page results. These are some of the other factors that help in getting better ranks.

Search engine marketing or SEM is much beyond SEO but it is only a part of your marketing strategy. It is a digital marketing strategy where the aim is to increase the visibility of the website by bringing more traffic or customers to it. There are two ways of traffic: either it can be paid with PPC advertisements or organic with SEO content management. The organic way of acquiring traffic will not ensure reaching the top ranks but it will definitely make your website appear in front or top of the search results. This is still a good way of obtaining traffic as it is free. Google ads are a great example of SEM ads. With Google ads, your ads will apply in the search results of Google and only the clicked ads are to be paid for. This is why it is called pay per click or PPC. One of the services that aTeamSolutionz specializes in is SEO and SEM

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