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Technical Service and AMC For Computers in Offices by aTeamSolutionz

In today’s day and age, it is impossible to imagine working without technology and technical services. It is not possible to even run a business without services like computers, firewall, internet etc. Even a few minutes of your website’s downtime can badly affect your business. So, an unexpected breakdown can be fatal to your business productivity. Also, not everybody is equipped to handle these features. Therefore, it becomes important to seek the services of a technical service provider. Computers and the services that come with it have a warranty. After this warranty expires, you will require a professional to manage any glitches or breakdowns. Everything related to technology is expensive because it comprises of complex tools and processes. It becomes necessary to hire an IT team for projects and to maintain an annual maintenance contract to make sure that the business functions flawlessly.

An annual maintenance contract or AMC is an annual contract which is signed for ensuring regular maintenance and regulation of your website. It comes with pre-determined prices which can later be modified annually. These AMCs can come in handy for businesses that are small or of medium size. They can help you tackle common problems in the server, computer, printer and network security routinely. A technical service provider can make sure that your website or application is running smoothly. There are many benefits to hiring a technical service provider on the basis of an annual maintenance contract. They have a pay once system through which you only make a one-time lump sum payment and avail services throughout the time. Beats the need of searching for a new technician each time. This contract makes sure that you get regular maintenance services. Moreover, having such a team that takes care of your technical services is just like having an in-house IT team because they will function with regard to your needs. As and when there is a change in technology, the websites and applications will also be updated and maintained. It is also a wise way to reduce development and infrastructure costs. This is because of the ‘one-time pay’ system.

The Maldives is a place that is just in the nascent stage of business and technological development. aTeamSolutionz understands how important technical services are in the Maldives today. aTeamSolutionz is the best AMC technical service provider in the Maldives. They provide IT-specific services for small and medium businesses. They have both onsite and remote support. So even if there is an unexpected problem, it can be easily sorted out. With their routine checks, they make sure that your applications are working in optimum condition. They have different designated teams of professionals that are equipped to deal with different problems. They also have a system where you can report a problem and it will be sorted within hours. Websites often face issues like unauthorized people accessing websites, malware, glitches, virus etc. aTeamSolutionz can protect sensitive data from all of these threats of security. Their contract has a detailed and comprehensive break up of the project and they also have a fixed cost.

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