Website Development and Mobile Application Development in the Maldives

aTeamSolutionz is a team of passionate software developers who have abundant experience in web design and mobile application development. In a place like the Maldives, where technology is booming, businesses can thrive with the kind of services that aTeamSolutionz provide.

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A responsive website is an important responsibility when you are running a business. aTeamSolutionz can deliver you with the perfect responsive website. With its website development services, it will take much less time making a stand-alone mobile application. Their model of responsive website development also costs less. They let you save up on configuration costs, maintenance costs and any other additional costs that other companies charge you.

This makes it cost-efficient in the long run. Since the website is the first thing most of your customers see about your business, it becomes your business’s first impression. It is important to have a good and lasting experience. But it is more important to have a consistent and continuous good experience. If there are inconveniences in navigating or in the size of the website, then the visitors will lose their patience and go to another website offering similar services. They make sure that there is an optimal layout in every single screen.

Responsive website


A responsive website will negate the need to have a separate desktop and mobile site. This reduces the workload and stress of developers. This would also mean there will be less maintenance. This saved time can be utilised to spend on other important aspects of the business like marketing, content creation, sales etc. Many studies and surveys have shown that most of the traffic to websites comes from mobile phones. Therefore, it is important for these websites to be made adaptable to mobile screens. aTeamSolutionz’s website will give you this required versatility with fewer development costs. 

Mobile development represents directness. It helps to create a direct link between the customers and the businesses. This is because mobile is a direct form of communication. With a mobile app, it is possible to remain in constant touch with your customers by sending them notifications, mails, updates etc. If the information you share is important, then the customers will get attracted to the brand and stay loyal as long-term customers. It can also help to make the business more accessible. Everybody has a phone and are heavily dependent on it. Therefore, it is also the easiest way to access your customers. Another way of establishing a strong customer base is by offering regular discounts and offers.

Mobile development can also change the whole retail experience. By improving customer experience and satisfaction, the retailers can always exceed the expectations of the consumers. A mobile app can boost the digital process by increasing profits and reducing store costs. Mobile apps have become so important that there are numerous businesses that are now built on mobile applications. aTeamSolutionz has all the solutions to your digital problems. Go ‘aTeam’ and enter the network of immense opportunities. Web design and mobile app development will never be the same again.

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