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Why We Are The Best Developers in The Maldives?


The Maldives is one of the regions to completely embrace the power and convenience of technology. To step into the future, the Maldives is on the lookout for ways to improve the life of the people through the use of technology. This technology includes electronic devices, machines and access to the web.

Thousands of startups and companies are starting to root in the Maldives to exploit the abundance of untapped potential and resources including customers, clientele and human resources. However, there are only a few companies that have truly fixed their roots in the Maldives to follow their passion. One such company is aTeamSolutionz.

Passionate in What We Do

What makes aTeamSolutionz different from the other teams can simply be said in a word: passion. While other teams and companies work to clear their dues, the ‘A-Team’ of Maldives strives to find solutions due to their passion. Following are some of the practices due to which our clients coined aTeamSolutionz as the best developers in the Maldives.

GitLab Instead of GitHub

All projects of aTeamSolutionz are documented in a versioning system that allows the developers to track all features as well as bugs. The developers test, categorise and rollback between said versions to finally make the polished endproduct. While many developers still use GitHub for such system, GitLab is superior especially in the case of privacy. This is because the data or code stored on GitHub servers are public. GitLab allows one to set up their own server for better privacy. You do not want your top-secret project hosted on public servers. aTeamSolutionz takes care of it. GitLab coupled with Unicorn and NGINX enables aTeamSolutionz to work at their best.

Document and Organise

Another practice of aTeamSolutionz is their policy to always organise and document all kinds of data, files and code. Even if this takes more time in the short-term, it makes a huge difference in the long run and we mean the huge difference in a positive way. Organising files allow one to quickly find and work with the files one is looking for. Even if an ‘outside’ person will be able to understand the types and structure of files. aTeamSolutionz also comments each and every non-obvious code so that everyone knows what each set of code does. This is very useful if someone other than the coder who made the code is going through the set of codes. Additionally, it is also important if the same coder who made the code is going through it after long periods of time like around 10 years. Proper organising and documentation solve all these problems.

We Are ‘A Team’

As the name suggests, aTeamSolutionz is a team and finding solutions to your digital problems is what we do. More importantly, individuals in a company cannot work as they please to achieve success. Only if they forget they are individuals and start thinking like teammates can they achieve success.

Working as a team allows the ‘special’ group of people to achieve great successes in work as well as life. And a good team requires the right amount of passion, leadership and hard work.

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